Make drivers behind you LOL with funny spare tire covers.

Turn your favorite photo or one-liners into an attention-getting, thought-provoking conversation piece with funny spare tire covers.

Your design can be cute, silly, sassy or just plain hilarious! Give your Jeep or RV some personality.

Our online design tools make it easy to create your own unique tire cover, and you can see a virtual proof every time you make a change.

Sample designs

Take a peek at some previous designs:

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Free virtual color proof with every change.

See what our customers are saying about their custom tire cover:

“OMG, flipping amazing. I love it !! Fits great, looks great. Thank You”
“Looks pretty cool! Thanks Kyle!”

Here are some quotes that have been used on designs for funny spare tire covers:

  • “My Jeep won a war, your Honda cuts my grass!”
  • “I lost my teddy, will you sleep with me?”
  • “Some people just need a high-five … in the face!”
  • “Zombies eat brains. You’re safe.”
  • “JEEP: The dirtiest of the four-letter words”
  • “If history repeats itself I am so getting a dinosaur”

Why buy a custom tire cover from us?

The Tire Cover

The design

My wife and daughter have this thing about T-Rex. Funny stuff because of the short arms. So we just got this Jeep and she really wanted a T-Rex on the hood. That was going to be expensive, so she suggested the tire cover. She found your website and designed her own cover. And your pricing was great. We received the T-Rex tire cover and we are very pleased. Thank you.

Our funny RV spare tire covers are a big hit for travelers, and it makes a great gift.