Our custom Jeep tire covers are the ultimate accessory for your Wrangler.

We’ve sold over 10,000 CUSTOM Jeep tire covers to date!

No pre-made stock designs here. It’s all about YOU!

  • your words
  • your pictures
  • your … anything!

Are you looking for one of the more common stock Jeep designs, such as:

  • “Black Jeep of the Family”
  • “Silly Boys, Jeeps are for Girls”
  • “Jeep Hair, Don’t Care”
  • “It’s a Jeep Thing”

If so, why not put your own twist on those stock designs? Try it with your colors, your letter styles, …. whatever you want.

Sample designs

Take a peek at some previous designs:

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Free virtual color proof with every change.

See what our customers are saying about their custom tire cover:

“Loving the new tire cover. Y’all did a great job! “
“Our tire cover came today and my husband loves it. Surprised that it was a plastic and vinyl, which made it even better. Thank you so much for your quick delivery also. Again, thank you, we love it.“

Here are some more funny Jeep sayings:

  • J.E.E.P: Just Expect Extra Payments.
  • When I Die bury me in my Jeep ’cause it’s never been in a hole it couldn’t get out of!
  • J.E.E.P:  Jumps everything except payments.
  • My Jeep is not an SUV and your SUV is not a Jeep.
  • The scratches mean I know how to play.
  • I never get stuck, I just like to make my passengers nervous.
  • My Jeep won a war, your Honda cuts my grass.
  • To avoid injury don’t touch my Jeep.
  • Real Jeeps are built, not bought.
  • The Jeep is America’s only real sports car! – Enzo Ferrari
  • Fun is standard, pavement is optional.
  • J.E.E.P: The dirtiest of the four-letter words.
  • Don’t follow me, you won’t make it.
  • PAVEMENT: Another great example of wasteful government spending.
  • Actually, Jeeps are meant to fly, just not meant to land. Big difference..
  • You can follow me, but it’s gonna hurt.
  • Jeep girls like to get dirty.
  • A Jeep’s like that really hot girl. Both are high maintenance & temperamental, but boy, when they deliver…………
  • I drive a Jeep, an old Jeep, so nobody will say I`m driving a BMW anymore! – Bob Marley

Why buy a custom tire cover from us?

The Tire Cover

The design

We carry all sizes of Jeep spare tires.

Online designer makes it easy

Free virtual proof. Have fun, be creative.

Add Text

Add curved or straight text, change colors, fonts, size, and special effects.

Add Image

Add one of our clip art images or upload your own image.


... and be ready to smile when the UPS driver arrives!