Design your own spare tire cover with the help of our new online designer.

It is very easy to use and intuitive, so give it a try and see what your unique tire cover will look like.

Below is a sneek-peek at just a few of the tools available for you to design your own spare tire cover. There are pictures and video clips to help guide you, should you need it.

How To Use Our Designer To Create Your Own Custom Design:

Control corners off design area

Moving Objects (picture)

ARROW keys on your keyboard are the easiest way to move an object in small increments, especially if the corner controls are outside of the canvas and not visible; otherwise, just select and hold the object with your mouse and drag it where you want on the canvas.

Add text

Add Text (picture)

Add text, change colors, fonts outlines, etc...

Curved text on your design

Distort text (picture)

Curve, bulge, or distort text.

Object controls to design your own spare tire cover.

Transform (picture)

Rotate, stretch, or resize text, shapes, or images.​

Change colors

Change colors (video)

You can change the colors of many of our clip art; however, not the full-color images.

Add Shapes

Shapes (picture)

You can add shapes to your designs, such as circles, squares, stars, and many more.

View Layers

Layers (picture)

Go to the LAYERS tab to select one object (text, clip art, shape, etc...). You can also change the order of the layers, such as putting an image behind text instead of on top of it.

Align multiple objects (video and picture)

You can align objects either by using the buttons in the menu bar or with these shortcut keys.


  • ARROW keys – move Left, Right, Up, Down
  • V – Align Vertically
  • H – Align Horizontally
  • S – Select All
  • L – Align to Left
  • R – Align to Right
  • G – Show Grid
Align objects with a grid
Align objects with a grid
Align objects
Align objects
Mask an image with a shape on your design

Masking (cropping) your image into a shape (video and pictures)

Crop an image into a circle, square, or any shapes found in the SHAPES tab, or make your text colored with an image instead of a solid color.

Add a shape to mask
Add a shape to mask an image
Position the shape over the image
Position the shape where you want to mask the image
Mask an image
Click to mask

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Free virtual color proof with every change.

The possibilities are endless when you design your own spare tire cover.