Jeep Wrangler tire cover

Add a clip art image to your custom spare tire cover design to give a visual element and break up multiple lines of text.

We have over 10,000 stock images (from 1-color clip art to full-color graphics and photos) to add to your custom spare tire cover design.Pick one and add text for a truly unique tire cover.Feel free to browse them at your leisure and see what kind of design you come up with.See a virtual color proof with every change. Have fun, be creative.A HARD (not soft) custom spare tire cover for your Jeep Wrangler, CRV, RAV4, etc…

Add clip art to your design

Select an image from our clip art library, make any changes, such as the position, size, rotation, alignment, etc…. A free virtual proof will be displayed every time you make a change.

Add text, if desired, order online, sit back, relax, and smile when the UPS driver shows up with your new custom tire cover.

Browse through our clip art library

Use the corners of the selected clip art to transform it.

WA-LA! Another custom tire cover is delivered.

Samples of our clip art

We have thousands of images in our clip art library that you can use to design your custom tire cover, or you can upload your own.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Free virtual color proof with every change.

See what our customers are saying about their custom tire cover:

“I got a personalized Jeep cover as a gift for my birthday. I absolutely love it. The picture is so clear. I couldn’t be any happier!“
“Got it – and love it! Thanks much!“