Using color as an effective tool when customizing our spare tire covers.

Depending on the colors in your design, our spare tire covers can leave people with different impressions. For example, red adds a sense of energy and vitality; whereas, blue yields a cooler, more soothing feeling. Choose whatever colors best suit your brand or personality.

See how colors can change the effectiveness of custom spare tire covers:

Inspirational message of peace, joy, and hope

1-color design:

More readable with high-contrasting colors, and different fonts and text size, such as this one.

Funny Jeep tire covers for girls

2-color design:

More readable if the image and the lettering are different colors.

Don't Wish for it, Work

3-color design:

Break up a lot of text with different colors so it is easier to read.

Custom tire cover with a photo

Full-color design:

Put a full-color image on your spare tire cover and use every last color of the rainbow. Our four-color CMYK printing process produces vivid, professional quality printed images. Every little detail comes out looking crisp and clear. Note: Whatever color you select, always remember that the colors you see on your computer screen may not match exactly with the printed colors due to computer monitor settings. For this reason we can’t offer exact color matching, but any differences in shades should be minor.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Free virtual color proof with every change.

See what our customers are saying about their custom tire cover:

“I wanted to again say thank you to you and your great company out in Ohio for making this Florida girl super proud to sport one of your custom tire covers on my new ’09 Wrangler. I bought the jeep today and my tire cover was waiting at my door step before I went to pick up the Jeep. Perfect timing! I’ll refer all of the folks to you, who ask me about this great product!”
“I am really impressed with your customer service, the speed of your communications, the quickness of your delivery and most of all the quality of the final result. This spare tire cover is unique and it looks great. Thanks again.”
Cliff Sifford