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ARROW keys – move Left, Right, Up, Down
V – Align Vertically
H – Align Horizontally
S – Select All
L – Align to Left
R – Align to Right
G – Show Grid

How To Use Designer: 


Moving Object (picture): Control corners off design area

  • ARROW keys on your keyboard are the easiest way to move an object in small increments, especially if the corner controls are outside of the canvas and not visible; otherwise, just select and hold the object with your mouse and drag it where you want on the canvas.
Control corners off design area

Control corners off design area


Add Text (picture):

  • Add text, change colors, fonts outlines, etc…
Text Tab

1. Click TEXT tab then Click ADD TEXT


Add text

2. Enter your text, select font, size, styles


Add Text

3. Enter your text


Distort text (picture)

  • Curve, bulge, or distort text.
Curved text on your design

Special Effects


Transform (picture)

  • Rotate, stretch, or resize text, shapes, or images.​
Object controls to design your own spare tire cover.

Corner controls


Shapes (picture)

  • You can add shapes to your designs, such as circles, squares, stars, and many more.
Add Shapes

Add Shapes


Clip Arts (picture)

  • Add a clip art image. Browse by category or search for specific images.
Adding clipart

Adding clipart


Change colors (video)

  • You can change the colors of many of our clip art; however, not the full-color images.
Change colors

Change colors


Layers (pictures)

  • Go to the LAYERS tab to select one object (text, clip art, shape, etc…). You can also change the order of the layers, such as putting an image behind text instead of on top of it. Just click and hold the 4-line icon on a layer and drag it above or below another object.
View Layers

View and move layers


Align multiple objects (video)

  • You can align objects by using the buttons in the menu bar or with these shortcut keys.
    • ARROW keys – move Left, Right, Up, Down
      V – Align Vertically
      H – Align Horizontally
      S – Select All
      L – Align to Left
      R – Align to Right
      G – Show Grid
Align objects

Align objects with a grid


Masking (cropping) your image into a shape (video and pictures)

Crop an image into a circle, square, or any shapes found in the SHAPES tab, or make your text colored with an image instead of a solid color.

  • Add a shape to mask an image
  • Position the shape over the image
  • Position the shape where you want to mask the image
  • Mask an image
  • Click to mask


Mask an image with a shape on your design

Mask an image with a shape


Add a shape to mask

Add a shape to mask an image


Position the shape over the image

Position the shape where you want to mask the image


Mask an image

Click to mask


Our custom tire covers are $224.95 each, plus shipping with any text and/or an image (yours or ours).

Design yours online, order, then smile when UPS delivers your package.

There are tons of different brands of tire covers on the market, but none of them met our requirements, so we developed our own.

Our spare tire covers are made of only the best materials:

  • Hard ABS Plastic – Protects your tire from nicks, scratches, bumps—or if you are into the rough stuff, rocks, mud, and rugged terrain.
  • UV Inhibitor – Protection from the blistering sun. Like sunblock on steroids!
  • Thick vinyl fabric around the sides – Fits your tire like a glove.
  • Elastic shock-cord in the hem – Keeps the tire cover snug (no loose, sloppy fit like the universal, one-size-fits-all covers).


Now for the printed design specifications:

The graphics are made of:

  • High-resolution prints on outdoor-durable vinyl, tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions (from Alaska to Florida, and everywhere in-between).
    • NOTE: for custom photographs and logos, the quality of the high-resolution printing is directly related to the quality of the image you send us.
  • UV protection and lamination are added over the print for even greater durability to resist cracking, peeling, or fading.

We will email you a color proof after we receive your order. You must approve of the proof before your order goes into production.


Sizes available:

We carry tire covers for all spare tire sizes.

The best way to make sure you get a good fit for your spare tire is to specify the actual tire size that is printed on the side of the spare tire itself.

For example, the diagram below shows a tire size 205/75/15.

Tire Size

Tire Size

  • NOTE: Be sure to get this information from the spare tire itself.

If you do not have access to the vehicle or if this is a gift, leave the tire size box empty and we will contact you after we receive your order.


Receive in: 8-13 days*

Production: 5-8 days production time.

  • We email you a color proof within 1-4 days, as soon as the art is created.
    *Once you receive it you MUST approve of the proof before your order goes into production.


UPS Ground Shipping: 3-5 days (although not guaranteed)

Shipping Cost: $24.95 each tire cover.

  • 2nd Day or Overnight are not available.
  • Your shipping address must be a physical address (no PO Boxes).
  • Shipping times are approx. 3-5 days, but not guaranteed.
  • Expect longer times during busy holidays.
  • We ship to the 48 contiguous United States (excludes Alaska, Hawaii, & US territories).




  • The tire covers are approximately 7 lbs each.
  • Package dimensions range from 28 inch x 28 inch up to 34 inch x 34 inch, depending on size.
    Company Policies



We strive for 100% customer satisfaction; however, due to the customized nature of our products, we cannot offer refunds, credits, or returns.

To ensure that you are excited about your design, we offer a free online designer tool so that you can see a virtual proof of your design before you order.

  • Any order made incorrectly due to an error on our part will be immediately redone at our expense.
    Errors must be reported to us within 5 days of receipt.
  • We cannot be responsible for spelling, typographical, or measuring errors made by the customer.
  • All sales are considered final.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Any artwork supplied by the customer is assumed to belong to them or that they have permission to use it.
  • We are not responsible for any trademark or logo infringements.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to print anything that we consider offensive content.
  • Any and all liability is limited to the total cost of the purchase.
  • Care and maintenance of our custom tire covers are minimal, such as do not use abrasive brushes or solvents when cleaning (see FAQ’s).
  • For customers that are uploading their own image or logo:
  • The quality of the print is directly proportionate to the quality of the image you upload. If you are using an image that is very small or low in quality (such as most web images), it will become pixilated when enlarged.
  • Some pixilation is totally acceptable for distance-viewing products, such as tire covers or mailboxes.
    Please note that the colors in the proof may vary from actual colors of the product due to computer monitor color palette differences, etc…
  • For logos and photographs, we will match colors as close as possible; however, we cannot guarantee exact matches.
  • Some colors are outside of the CMYK gammett and therefore, cannot reproduce exactly.
  • See more details on our company policy page.

If you are having difficulties using some of the tools, feel free to contact us via email or phone at (907) 888-8236 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST.